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You discovered mosaic and now you are trying to find inspiration for your own mosaic creations! And now you are looking for inexpensive resources to help you get started! Go out and get yourself a coloring book! You might laugh at this but some simple designs actually come from coloring books.

Why use the images in the book?

The images usually contain just enough details because if you have too many it can complicate the creation.

Texture and shading will come together once you start gluing down the tiles and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use small details that are going to get lost in your creation! Sometimes, less is more and this is true for mosaic work.

Go find yourself some coloring books and you will find many themes to choose from such as historical events, human figures, famous architecture, creatures. You can also purchase mosaic patterns in stores. If you want, you can even make changes with the image or you can combine several images into one mosaic project.

Color should be accented outside the lines and it doesn’t really matter if you make a mistake. Small mistakes and mishaps can create some sort of visual noise, give it the handmade flair and also which make the whole work more interesting.

To give your mosaic artwork some death, get tiles of the same color but with different shades. Two different colored tiles are enough if you want to minimize the cost of the project.

For those who plan to put their works at a public space or for a commission, ask for permission first especially if the image is copyrighted.

Mosaics can really be inexpensive. Almost every household has a coloring book but if you don’t have any, go get one that fuels your inspiration for your mosaic!

Be sure to choose an interesting design for your mosaic work so that you can put your heart and mind to it.

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